Auto Insurance Basics

Imagine you had just finished buying groceries and were driving through the parking lot; you look down to change the radio station and all of a sudden SMACK! You hit the car in front of you.  At this point all you can think about is how happy you are that you bought basic liability coverage from Auto Insurance Stuart.  So, what is auto insurance exactly? There are many different categories and options to consider when making the choice on purchasing the correct auto insurance.

The first decision when purchasing the correct auto insurance is how much liability coverage you would like.  Liability coverage simply means how much you would like to protect yourself in a case where you damaged another person’s car.  The basic liability insurance is not only required, but is also extremely important in protecting yourself.  Another major consideration is bodily injury coverage; this is a great option depending on the skill level of the driver or the person driving the car.  Bodily injury protection will cover any claims that people may make, such as saying they were injured in a minor accident.  The third option in this category is property damage coverage.  Property damage coverage will protect you against any damages to a person’s property during an accident.  Think of if you knocked a stop sign over, someone has to pay for it, might as well be Auto Insurance Stuart.

Living in Florida we should be aware that we have more uninsured drivers than we may realize, what happens when we get in an accident with an uninsured motorist?   Uninsured motorist coverage will pay for the damages to your vehicle caused by uninsured drivers.  You may also want to ask yourself, what if someone was to vandalize my car? or worse someone stole my car? We have a plan for that too comprehensive coverage will cover any repair to your car if it is damaged, it will also replace a stolen car.

Recalling back to the story where you were leaving to grocery store and you hit another car; consider you were driving the other car?  Now you would want to make sure that you have collision coverage, this protects you from any damage that you may do to your car, yourself or whoever may be driving the car.   In the same case if you were to become seriously injured from that fender bender you may hope you have personal injury protection.  This will cover any personal injury including medical bills of you and your passengers during an accident.  It will also cover any lost wages from missing work that may be caused from injury in a car accident.

If you have any more questions about what options Auto Insurance Stuart has to offer please call 1(561) 594-0398 and speak with one of our helpful representatives today.  Remember we are on your side when it comes to the lowest price auto insurance.